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Complete Dentures

This is an appliance that replaces the natural teeth when all of them are missing. Complete dentures can be constructed with either porcelain or hardened plastic teeth.

Immediate Dentures
This prostheses is inserted immediately following removal of the teeth. This allows you to never be without teeth.

Partial Denture
This is an appliance replacing one or more missing teeth. It receives support and retention from underlying tissue and some or all of the remaining teeth, often with the aid of clasps and rests, wires or flexible acrylic.

Denture Relines
This is a refitting of your dentures. This procedure is usually done when you have experienced bone resorption causing your dentures to become loose or "settle out of place." Relining allows the denture to fit your tissue properly and ideally no longer requires powders or pastes to keep dentures in place.

Generally, denture repair involves the replacement of missing or broken teeth and the mending of fractures.

Permanent Soft Denture Liners
These are resilient or "rubbery" surfaces that are placed in the denture (usually the lower) to provide a cushion. This cushioning is most often required by people with flattened lower ridges. This is done either when you have new dentures made or existing ones relined.

Implant Supported Dentures
Implants provide additional support for your existing partial or full dentures, alleviating uncomfortable movement. In many cases, implants minimize gum irritation and pain often associated with these removable partials or conventional full dentures.

Dental Implants are small titanium fixtures which are surgically placed in the upper an/or lower jawbone. They replace the root of your missing tooth and provide an anchor for you dental prosthesis (partial or full dentures).

Mouth Guards

Whether you are an athlete or suffer from Bruxism we can design a custom mouth guard to protect your teeth.