Denture Problems

 Common denture problems

Dentures can be transformative to a person’s life in many ways. They can help to replace lost confidence and restore your smile, and once you are used to your new dentures, they can enable you to eat foods and consume drinks that you might not have been able to previously.

However, there are also a number of common difficulties that a person might experience when they are fitted with new dentures. These problems can include:

Poorly fitted dentures

One common problem with dentures is that they can sometimes be poorly fitted. This can mean they are either too tight or too loose; too tight dentures can cause soreness, rubbing and irritation, while too loose dentures can make it difficult to eat and drink.

Soreness and cheek biting

Patients can also experience soreness as a result of dentures, especially as they learn to adjust to them, and you might find that it is more common to accidentally bite on the inside of your cheeks.

Problems Eating

Dentures can have an adverse effect on the types of food that you are able to eat. This means that you will have to learn to chew properly with your dentures and you’ll have to avoid foods that need a significant amount of chewing. In addition, some people will have problems eating sticky foods.

Moreover, there can also be some problems adjusting to drinking common beverages such as tea and coffee.

Excessive saliva and trapped food

Another issue some patients report is trapped food and a build up a saliva behind the dentures. A patient has to be careful that excessive saliva and trapped food doesn’t built up as this can cause further discomfort.

The Nancy Le Denture Clinic

While there will always need to be an adjustment period when getting new dentures, at the Nancy Le Denture clinic we can help to ease this adaptation by creating quality, custom made dentures.

We strive to make sure that every pair is made to the highest standards of health and safety, and due to our affordable prices, cost needn’t be a concern.

We understand that patients will often have worries about the possibility of wearing dentures, or getting a new set, which is why we’re also happy to discuss any concerns you might have.

To find out more about the expert care that the Nancy Le Denture clinic provides, contact us today and speak to a member of our team.