Types of Dentures

If you feel that dentures might be a good option, you’ll need to be aware of the different types of dentures that are available and the materials they are made from. In this article, you’ll find information on the various types that are currently offered.

Partial dentures – these can be made from either acrylic or metal, or a combination of the two materials. These types of dentures are used when one or more teeth are missing and a patient doesn’t need a full set of dentures.

Implanted support dentures – with this option, the dentures will be fitted alongside an implant. It is more common to use this as an option for the lower jaw when the patient doesn’t have any teeth. However, there will have to be sufficient teeth for the implant to be effective and for this method to work.

Complete dentures – again, these are either made from acrylic or metal; the quality of the materials can vary. Complete dentures will replace either a top row or the bottom row of the teeth, or all of the them if necessary.

In addition, extra care will have to be taken by your denturist to ensure that the dentures are fitted comfortably so they enable you to talk, eat and drink properly without causing any discomfort.

Immediate dentures – during the transitional phase, it might be more comfortable for you to have some immediate dentures fitted; this can make you feel less self-conscious while awaiting the new ones.

If you are considering immediate dentures, you will need to speak to your denturist first; it will be necessary to arrange to have impressions and measurements taken so that your clinic can ensure your immediate dentures are the correct fit.

Further Information

All of the different options can be confusing, and it can be difficult to know which is right for you, however, the expert team at the Nancy Le Denture clinic will talk you through all of the choices available and we’ll take our time to explain the options.

We’ll determine which dentures are best suited for your personal needs and you can be assured that they will be of the highest quality; we offer free consultations and you are welcome to ask any questions.

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