The process of getting your Dentures

Millions of people worldwide wear dentures, and if this is a procedure you might be about to undergo you may be curious as to how they are made. With that in mind, this article will explain the process for you.

The planning stage

Before making impressions, a thorough examination will need to be conducted in order to assess the health of your mouth. The denturist will examine your mouth to assess if you are a candidate for dentures.

Taking Impressions

The next stage will be to take an impression of the mouth/gums. This imprint will later be used to make an initial cast. You’ll need to have further impresses taken; once a final impression has been made, this will be used for the master cast.

Getting the master cast right is essential, as your new dentures will need to fit your mouth perfectly to minimize any discomfort. Once the final cast had been completed, it will be ready to go to the manufacturing stage at a laboratory. The Nancy Nhan Le Denture clinic has an in house laboratory, which reduces waiting costs and ensures the quality remains high.


When the manufacturing phase is complete, you’ll be invited back to your denturist practice to try out the new dentures. At this stage, there will need to be some checks so your denturist can make sure that the shape and the position of the teeth are correct for you, and they’ll also ensure the shade looks natural.

When these final changes have been made, you will need to make another appointment with your denturist to have your finished dentures fitted.

At the next visit, the dentist will make some final checks to ensure the dentures fit comfortably, and they’ll also offer advice on adjusting to your new dentures; you might need some further appointments while you adapt to them and while you get accustomed to eating and drinking different foods.

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Getting new dentures fitted can be time consuming and it is an extremely precise process, which means it is essential that you choose a practice you can trust. The Nancy Nhan Le Denture clinic has 20 years of expertise and we are dedicated to delivering a high quality of service and care to each of our customers.

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